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  • Name: Gourmet IMCO
  • Location: Hůrka, Prague
  • Client: IMCO
  • Built: 2012
  • Photo: Eva Vopátková

West suburb of Prague or more precisely the commercial area in Hůrka district was chosen for the location of new food store of Imco company.
Not the interior but the food itself plays the main role in the design. The displaying of food together with elements reffering to Imco corporal identity and the use of high quality materials are the main characteristics of this interior.
Pale brown color represents two main elemenets in the interior – counter with cooling boxes and the main refrigerators integrated with the MDF wall cladding. Yellow color is used for labeling and lights, and neutral color of maple wood belongs to wooden shelving. The same material is used for the wall cladding of two volumes situated near the entrances, containing the office and the storage.
The store is illuminated by the system of 37 suspended lights and high number of LED lights inbuilt into shelfs. This solution helps to present displayed food in very attractive way.