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  • Name: Funeral Ceremonial’s Hall in Roudnice
  • Client: Město Roudnice nad Labem
  • Project year: 2010

In the competition of tenders for the funeral hall in Roudnice nad Labem our tender progressed to the third stage of assessment. At that stage 29 tenders were evaluated from the overall number of 127. The jury appraised the strength of design concept. Jury’s assessment read as follows: “The design is based on a strong and distinctive “scenographic” concept. The concept is solved very convincingly, what comes clear particularly from the situation plan. The layout is fully subject to the concept. Therefore, coffin handling is complex and uneconomical, but it is solved properly in terms of functionality. The architectonic form of building is abstract – minimalistic. The design of the glazed hall below the roof with marked overlap is considered by the jury as a strong point of the design.
More information concerning our design can be found at Europaconcorsi.

Funeral Ceremonial’s Hall is a point where the realm of life and the realm of death meet together. The funeral hall is designed to symbolicaly evoke these two realms. The rush of life on one side and the tranquility and peace after the death on the other side are two main elements connected in one point.  The duality is achieved by the division of the  plot into two parts. The diverse park creating various parths – life lines – leading to the entrance of the funeral hall ( the only point same for all of these lines ) is situated on the first half of the plot. On the othre half there is a garden with trees planted on very rigid pattern. On the border in between these two environments, the minimalistic building is placed to roof the connection point. Two massive blocks supporting the roof symbolize the border between life and death and the corridor in between them represents the only connection. Relieving greenery is a theme defining both of these realms and symbolizing the continuity in time.