Mimosa Architekti ● Vyšehradská 320/49, 128 00 Praha 2 ●

Name: Family House in Únětice
Client: Eliška Vavříková a Jan Šobotník
Built: 2017
Cooperation: Petr Kasl
Photo: Eva Vopátková

The Tiché údolí (Silent Valley) of Únětice is the place that is surely worth of seeing – a couple of good reasons are offered by the educational trail Roztocký háj (Roztoky grove) – Tiché údolí, the restaurant „U Lasíků“ or the nearby brewery. In any case, from the house on its south slope one can easily see it. In the direction towards the valley there are open all the rooms forming the house, which copy the steep south slope at three height levels. At the lowest one the house follows in the terrain at the lower part of the lot, in its central part the house is accessible from the upper part of the lot, while its uppermost part is separated from the ground and forms a covered anteroom of the entrance. The terraces offer not only the sun and views but, sometimes, the denial of the valley name, due to aircraft taking off and landing at the nearby airport of Ruzyně.