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Name: Cottage in Prosečnice
Study: 2019
Cooperation: Dalibor Pospíšil

You have a flowing river there almost within the reach of arm or a fishing rod, behind your back pines are murmuring on sandstone rocks that jut into the sky and your nearest neighbours include fish, woodpeckers and, in summer only, occasional canoeists passing by. If the place were located at Berounka riverside, Ota Pavel should surely have described it in his works. There were a cottage in the past and we will build a new one on its old stone pinning. However, the new cottage will be made of sheet metal instead of the old wooden one. And it will be black instead of green. When guests will sit down around the large table located in its centre, they will be separated from the river by a glazed wall only – and by no barrier during summer, as the segmented wall can be folded aside. The common space including the table and a stove goes through into the second floor that houses two little rooms for staying overnight. When ascending up to the second floor the river horizon is disappearing and the view is opening of the rocks behind the cottage backside – no one should forget, how much Sázava river is confined hereby them.
The weekend we finish by closing the last window shutter of the cottage. The open weekend house changed into a “burglar-proof” sheet metal box. So again, in a week’s time…