Mimosa Architekti ● Vyšehradská 320/49, 128 00 Praha 2 ●

  • Name: DISH Belgická
  • Location: Prague
  • Built: 2019
  • Cooperation: Kateřina Fryzelková
  • Photo: Eva Vopátková

DISH: this bistro located at Římská Street in the Vinohrady quarter of Prague means – for the majority of Prague citizens – a synonym for a fantastic burger, if not the best one in the metropolis. The similarity of that new outpost to the well going restaurant follows its “elder sister” in many aspects, such as its honest-to-goodness domestic cuisine and friendly atmosphere combined with a piece of nostalgia. The design of its interior preserves the layout and spatial structure of the preceding operating unit ran formerly in the same area, which was a restaurant, too. Its space of several levels looking towards a shaded street is made lighter to the maximum and visually unified. The generous opening into the kitchen is newly accentuated with tiling made of “classical” ceramic mosaic and, in the same manner as the bar, complemented with new wooden frame structures. The employed individual levels are rythmized using various seating types and related industrial style light fixtures. The employed colours and materials complement a few items preserved from the original interior. Therefore, the restaurant is dominated with wood, black metal and dull colours. This overall atmosphere is made lighter by various graphics that carry the guest away to the era, in which any of the offered traditional delicacies was still in its infancy.