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  • Name: Family House in Lanžhot
  • Location: Lanžhot
  • Client: Anna Hallangová, Pavel Hallang
  • Project year: 2016

Today the concerned narrow lot in Lanžhot consists in a garden flanked with low brick walls. However, a house will be built there within the next two years. It will be concealed from public eyes and can be easily overlooked, its existence being indicated only with the edge of a white slab placed above its entry gate.
The interior space of the proposed house is rather suggested than delimited by its roofing slab and particular walls and smoothly continues into an outdoor roofed area and the garden. The roofing slab will provide both sufficient shade and protection from rain. Vegetation growing on its surface will add to improved micro-climate in the house and compensate inhabitants for the garden part occupied by the house.
A part of internal partitions is made of glass and complemented with textile curtains. By means of a piece of flimsy textile only the inhabitants can make obvious that they would like to spend a time in isolation.
Owing to careful hiding behind the low walls the house cannot be seen over from outside. It should be walked and lived through.