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  • Name: Javorník Lookout Tower
  • Location: Kelčský Javorník
  • Client: Podhostýnský mikroregion
  • Project year: 2012
  • Cooperation: Kateřina Fryzelková
    Statikon Solutions

In the competition advertised by the Podhostýn Micro-region our tender for construction of the lookout tower on the hill of Kelčský Javorník was placed second, while the first place had not been awarded.
The jury evaluated our design as follows: “The self-confident, simple and, at the same time, functional form of the lookout tower, which solves the complex relationship of the construction to the landscape with a nearby transmitter probably best of all competitors. Changes of its shape in dependency on observer’s position lighten its mass and put it in motion. The lookout platform has its floor plan in the form of an elongated rectangle and, therefore, the change of observer’s position is marked and his/her experience of the view is enriching. However, the view is not the only experience offered by the tower. The spatial impression from the gradually thickening and then thinning wainscoting would be certainly strong.”
The complete design, incl. jury’s evaluation, is available on archiweb.

Hilly area located north of Zlin ( Moravia, CZ ), in the history called Wallachia, is nowadays known mainly for its monuments and the beauty of the nature. Some of these monuments dates back to the period of Great Moravia (9th century ). The main  historical district is located on the top Saint Hostyn hill where the basilica  of the assumption of the virgin, calvary of Dušan Jurkovič and the chapel of St. John are situated. The location of this centre creates the start point of the on the main path crossing the Hostyn hills.A little bit aside, situated on the north end of Hostyn hills, the ridge creates clearly defined border between Wallachia in Hostyn hills and the flat land of Haná region. The highest point of this ridge and  the highest peak of  whole Hostyn hills is called Kelcsky Javornik.

The competition design of the observatory on the top of Kelcsky Javornik takes advantage of its unique location. The landscape difference between the highland of Wallachia on one side and the flat land of Haná region on the other side was taken as the main principle of the design. For all the way up to the top of the observatory, the view is stricly directed to one side only, thus the visitor has chance to view Haná characteristic landscape on north or Wallachia on south.  On the top deck of the tower the division disappears and the view unites into 360 degrees unobstructed view to the surroundings.  The form of the tower follows this principle.