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  • Name: Open Air Cinema Prachatice
  • Client: Municipality of Prachatice
  • Project year: 2015
  • Co-author: Zdeněk Hromádka

Proposed reconstruction of the open air cinema refers to the traditional elements of cinematography that are used for putting the finishing touches to the atmosphere of open-air projections at the same time.
Authors’ inspiration by the system of reels and pulleys guiding a film in a projector is freely is transcribed into the form of simple structures, between which roofing cables are guided instead of a film strip.
The employed roofing canvas, subtle steel structure and corrugated sheets create the impression of a light and apparently make-shift facility. The corrugated sheets may be perceived as another reference to film illusion created by the rhythm of individual frames and switching between light and shade. At the same time, the use of black steel ties in the cinema with the Municipal Theatre of Prachatice.
The same emphasis as on the premises themselves is put on the strengthening of urbanistic bonds to the nearby town centre. The reduction of premises in size would allow creating a new pedestrian interconnection to be built along its northern edge and open new areas for the neighbouring park of Štěpánka, initiating the development of new walking routes within the park.
In this way the open-air cinema premises, together with the park would become a pleasant area that the municipality could use for organizing various cultural events in a close bond to the town centre.