Mimosa Architekti ● Vyšehradská 320/49, 128 00 Praha 2 ●

  • Name: Sports Hall in Žatec
  • Client: Municipality of Žatec
  • Architectural study: 2022
  • Cooperation: Dalibor Pospíšil, Petr Vávra, Eliška Vinklárková, Statikon Solutions
  • Visualization: mvize visualisation

We propose a hall as a part of a neighbouring housing estate. The purpose does is not creating an icon, but an addition to the housing estate’s structure. We do not force refences to the historical development of Žatec and it’s historcal heritage on the locality.  The proposed hall does not „flaunt“ on its surroundings consisting mostly of prefabricated housing blocks. It does not explicitly want to create a „new quality“ on the contrary, it purposefully uses similar principles and visual motives that are used in the housing blocks to create an atmosphere of unity and solidarity.
It adds new functions and space to the estate, closes it and creates a link with the development at a smaller scale. The proposal puts emphasis mainly on its utility, functionality, and modesty, on simple masses, solutions and materials. Rather than with aesthetisation through details it works with the dimensions and scale.

The proposal provides the required sports areas and facilities, however, at the same time it offers some missing spaces for the estate, being the hall „for everybody“ . In the „sports park“ behind the hall everybody can do some jogging or even make a walk with a pram.

The covered foyer of the hall will provide a playing area for children during bad weather as well as a covered space with a small buffet close to a workout playground, which, also cultivates the areas close to the neighbouring garages. The durability of inner spaces makes it possible to use a part of the facilities (visitors‘ area of the hall, used otherwise only at the times of a match) as a part of estate’s stalls.

In the evaluation of approx. 30 proposals the jury appriciated different qualities than our proposal’s…