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  • Name: Innocent Farmstead
  • Location: Dolní Dunajovice
  • Client: Pavla and Robert Číž
  • Study: 2017

Establishing the vinery means fulfilling my boyish dream that came into being much later, at the time when I really was not a boy. This task does not include only building the constructions and cellar with necessary equipment, but it consists in transforming the piece of great nature into pleasure by viticulture using a lot of human determination and energy.

Innocent Farmstead appears to be a great challenge forming the part of an even larger objective. To make it all functional, one should plant out vineyards, learn to understand how not to spoil their potential and grow sound grapes, rich in aroma. Afterwards one should convert them carefully into grape juice, which will provide fully formed, delicate wine. Once one learns it all, this work there becomes his daily trade, which, however, will both amuse and catch himself, all the time teaching the winemaker some new knowledge and skills.

This Innocent Farmstead should be the very place, where the energy of nature transforms into one’s pleasure, the ordinary place bringing well-being and pleasure in life. It is the place where time has stopped and which you don’t want to leave, as every minute of life you enjoy and fully live through is that what adds up.

When we met with Peter first above the concept of Innocent Farmstead without having even a plain sheet of paper I have got a feeling I see the man looking at a child, who has just wigged out over a thing and with comprehension he tries not to spoil the child‘s pleasure and enthusiasm. At the end of that meeting I have got the feeling we are and behave as two children enthusiastic about every idea that makes sense for both me and Peter.

Each part, stair, shape, design element were called into question as to the function and reasons of use of each such part, as to its proposed application is meaningful or not, why and from what materials similar constructions have been built and used for hundreds or even thousand years taking account of contemporary technologies and options. I think we both were enjoying ourselves at the birth of Innocent Farmstead on a paper sheet and I hope we will succeed to implement the idea expressed on that paper.

Robert Číž, winemaker, building owner and co-author of Innocent Farmstead