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  • Name: Funeral Ceremonial’s Hall in Valašské Meziříčí
  • Client: Valašské Meziříčí City
  • Project year: 2014
  • Cooperation: Kateřina Fryzelková, Ota Maloušek, raz23, a05, Statikon Solutions, Bulb

In the architectonic tender our proposal for the funeral hall in Valašské Meziříčí was awarded.
In the competition 61 tenders were submitted in total and three of them were awarded – our proposal inclusive. The jury appraised particularly its strong ideological charge. Special thanks for kind cooperation are paid to raz23 Projection Atelier, a05 Garden Architects and structural engineers of Statikon Solutions.

After a close friend or relative has passed into silence forever – the busy present will be replaced with quiet remembrance.
A nice cemetery, but its location – peace can be found there by the deceased, perhaps. Located in close proximity to a very busy road and a shopping centre behind its back the cemetery is anything but a quiet place. The hall is located immediately behind the entry gate, at its left-hand side. However, when descending to the entry, the noise of both the shopping centre and road will gradually fade. The green walls of verdure enclose the garden with the building that opens towards incoming people with a curved colonnade. The gallery encircling the hall protects cinerary urns from sun and rain. There are also a few benches, where survivors can sit for a while and remember their late friends and relatives. Arches above their heads as if protect both the living and dead ones from time immemorial. Both the green wall and garden between it and the gallery grow rampart. In autumn, maybe, all it will fall off but grow over again in the next spring. The life shall return back to fade out again. Again and again – in what else one should find solace?
Waiting before the ceremony, roving on the verdure above… The trees of mourning grove grow up from the meadow. They stand one by one in a regular arrangement and those, who preferred the view of treetops to that of stone slab, were buried at their roots. A footpath winds among the trees upgrade to an area located high on the hillside, where those, who wish their ashes to be strewn in a meadow of remembrance – “earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust” – are buried. The deceased will be carried in front of the hall with their view open towards the grove, leaving the road, stores and noise behind their back.
Really, it is a nice cemetery.

The design was awarded in an architectonic contest.