Mimosa Architekti ● Vyšehradská 320/49, 128 00 Praha 2 ●

Name: Rezidence Jenerálka
Client: KKCG Real Estate a.s.
Architectural study: 2019

The area of Jenerálka is one of the oldest settlements within the territory of Prague. The site is well-known as the biggest Paleolithic locality of Prague and the discoveries dating to the younger Paleolithic era prove the settlement of so-called „mammoth hunters“. The rocky outcrop is a significant geological and landscape element with occurrences of some protected plant species and significant plant communities or rock animals and as of 1968 is a protectednatural monument.

The proposal accents both the cultural and natural potential of the area. It offers housing in an almost wild environment created by the chosen materials for proposed public areas and the facilities themselves as well as the high rate of greenery and distinctive landscape solution.

The natural character of used materials and the simple formal solution of individual objects primarily refers to primitive human buildings, subsequently to stone settlements where people have lived up to now in the culturally valuable areas of France, Portugal and other places in Europe. The formal solution of the facilities is simplified to the basic volumes of simple articulation. Visually they are perceived as massive ones and their basic tectonic is emphasized. At the same time, simple – primitive – and timeless principles are used, such as, green roofs trapping water, good permeability of materials, orientation of the facilities towards cardinal directions and the creation of sunny and shaded areas by the buildings themselves and by the surrounding greenery.