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  • Name: Nursery School Loukov
  • Client: Municipality of Loukov
  • Study: 2017

1)    Take a blank sheet of paper and fold it up to form a roofed house.
2)    Create a covered front space by bending the façade inwards.
3)     Make a few cuts and bends along the longer side, in this way creating an access corridor open to the environs. The rhythm of folds will complement one another with that of adjacent trees.
4)    Bend the other long side to interconnect the house interior with the garden.
5)    Form garret windows by cutting and bending. The bent surfaces will glint sunlight into the house. Thanks to the reflexions children will have both the excellent view of the northern garden and southern sunlight as well.
6)    Now, the nursery school is finished!

That is how the nursery school in Loukov would be built by children. A piece of paper will suffice.t Make a few cutouts, bends and folds, piece it together – finished! So simple and beautiful! Something like a house drawn at one go, but in space. However, in our “adult” reality it is not so simple and easy. And the use of sheet metal instead paper is recommendable. But things are going well. The nursery school in Loukov is to be exactly such a “folded” structure.
In principle the facility consists of a simple house with a hipped roof folded of sheet metal. The low house with its inclined roof will shade the garden no more than necessary. Then the sheet will require to be bent a little somewhere to provide the house with an entry and make it open to sunlight.