Mimosa Architekti ● Vyšehradská 320/49, 128 00 Praha 2 ●

Name: Sportovní hala Nový Jičín
Architectural study: 2022
Cooperation: Eliška Vinklárková, Wanda Molnárová, Dalibor Pospíšil
Statikon Solutions
Visualisatons: mvize visualisation

The sports hall reacts to its position on an intersection of two axes of existing buildings – the city’s street network established by a rigid square plaza in the center of the town, and a rotated network of the sports complex itself, comprised of a winter stadium and other connected buildings. The absence of orientation of the hall is supported by the proposal having no hard corners, and allows for a balanced spatial relationship to both types of networks. With a different level and spatial placement of the inner and outer grandstands the proposal reaches optimal sight lines to the sporting grounds, and at the same time an extension and relaxation of the parterre.