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In the competition advertised by the Podhostýn Micro-region our tender for construction of the lookout tower on the hill of Kelčský Javorník was placed second, while the first place had not been awarded.
The jury evaluated our design as follows: “The self-confident, simple and, at the same time, functional form of the lookout tower, which solves the complex relationship of the construction to the landscape with a nearby transmitter probably best of all competitors. Changes of its shape in dependency on observer’s position lighten its mass and put it in motion. The lookout platform has its floor plan in the form of an elongated rectangle and, therefore, the change of observer’s position is marked and his/her experience of the view is enriching. However, the view is not the only experience offered by the tower. The spatial impression from the gradually thickening and then thinning wainscoting would be certainly strong.”
The complete design, incl. jury’s evaluation, is available on archiweb.


Layout I


Layout II