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  • Name: TR3 Heat Exchanger Facility
  • Location: Prague
  • Client: TJ Pedagog Modřany
  • Project year: 2010

In the middle of a housing estate one can do many things – for instance to cleanse and modify a heat exchanger building that is now (in its larger part) out of service, and turn somersaults there as the member of a gymnastic club. The standardized TR3 heat exchanger facility was changed into an almost empty building located in the housing estate centre. The modification consisted in the replacement of the existing technological equipment with a modern unit, whose requirements of space were much lower. By the removal of dividing structures the open space of gymnasium was created. Then it was necessary to supply all necessary equipment in the form of three inserted cabins. All that, the façade inclusive, was made of light and inexpensive steel structure jacketed with polycarbonate sheeting. Now it is necessary to obtain a promised subsidy only and then – put on your gym shoes!